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Meet the people behind the magic

Our team members make us proud every day. Each brings their own strengths to make your wedding a success. Together we’ve hosted hundreds of weddings, and we’re always looking for new ways to delight couples and their guests.

Meet some of our key team members below.

Stephanie Brown-Malenfant Stonefields Owner and Chief Event Officer
Stephanie Brown-Malenfant
Owner and Chief Event Officer

Aka: Hostess with the mostess

A born hostess and country girl at heart, Stephanie brings rural elegance to every Stonefields event. She oversees planning of all weddings, drawing on decades of events experience.

When she’s not working an event, Stephanie uses her corporate background, communications degree and flair for design to expand and evolve the estate.

Steve Malenfant Stonefields Owner and Chief Operations Officer
Steve Malenfant
Owner and Chief Operations Officer

Aka: The man with the plan

Now retired from the Canadian Armed Forces, Steve executes events with military precision. He takes huge pride in his team and enjoys nurturing their talents.

Steve attends most of our weddings, providing steadfast management and ensuring a seamless service. He uses these opportunities to explore how we can take the Stonefields experience to the next level.

Kylie Fox Stonefields Estate Customer Relations Officer
Kylie Fox
Customer Relations Officer

AKA: The deputy

After graduating from Carleton University, Kylie became an indispensable member of the Stonefields team in 2013. Her reassuring approach and attention to detail make her the perfect ‘pre-event manager.’

Kylie is our right hand. She walks couples through the process of planning their wedding. She also collects the details we need to give the team their marching orders on the big day.

Melissa Joseph Stonefields Wedding Coordinator
Melissa Joseph
Wedding Coordinator

AKA: Master of Matrimony

Melissa joined Stonefields in 2019, bringing 15 years of service industry experience and a college degree in business management. As wedding coordinator, she carefully executes your wedding day itinerary, making sure every detail falls into place.
Melissa brings her warmth and personal approach to everything she does – from refilling wedding party mimosas to overseeing vendors and event day setup. After all, she’s on a quest to make yours the celebration of a lifetime.

Angela Zieman Stonefields Estate Event Administrator
Angela Zieman
Event Administrator

AKA: Keeper of the calendar

A business graduate from Algonquin College, Angela’s education has helped her grow into a vital role at Stonefields. She schedules events, tours and tastings, conducts site visits and assists with customer service.

Angela’s sweet demeanor and knowledge of Stonefields make her the perfect person to talk to when you first contact Stonefields.

James Scott Stonefields Estate Executive Chef
James Scott
Executive Chef

AKA: Commander-in-chef

James joined Stonefields in 2016 as our Executive Chef. He’s been delighting guests with exquisite cuisine ever since. Educated at one of Canada’s top culinary schools, he brings his vision and immense talents to every dish he creates.

James crafts our menus to appeal to the senses—from traditional to adventurous tastes. He’s a big believer in using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Kiefer McCarthy Stonefields Estate Sous-Chef
Kiefer McCarthy

AKA: James’ right-hand man

Kiefer is a Red Seal-certificated chef and Algonquin College graduate. His culinary expertise means he can command the kitchen in our Chef’s absence.

Kiefer says Stonefields is the highlight of his career, thanks to the great food and people he gets to work with every day.

Pat Robillard Stonefields Cook
Pat Robillard

AKA: King of the canapés

Like Kiefer, Pat is an Algonquin College graduate. Locally sourced himself, Pat is happiest when whipping up his famous canapés.

Pat loves to learn from his peers in the kitchen, and he goes above and beyond to impress the estate’s guests.

Jim Fairhurst Stonefields Estate Bar Manager
Jim Fairhurst
Bar Manager

AKA: General of gin

Jim joined us in 2012. Having served in the Canadian Armed Forces for more than 16 years, Jim runs Stonefields’ bars with meticulous attention to detail.

Jim also has a creative flair, which helps him concoct signature drinks and put new twists on old classics.

Jacob Legault Stonefields Estate Manager
Jacob Legault
Estate Manager

AKA: The son of Stonefields

Jacob started at Stonefields in 2012 as a part-time employee while finishing high school and his degree from Carleton University.

Jacob “grew up” on the property, having worked in almost every position including maintenance, setup crew, security and bartending. Now he uses his intimate knowledge of the estate to manage major upgrades and renovations.

Holly Zeeman Stonefields Estate Event Manager
Holly Zeeman
Event Manager

AKA: Chief of cheer

Holly puts her counseling degree and flight attendant experience to good use at Stonefields. She maintains order with a bright smile and an upbeat spirit, making her indispensable on event days.

Holly helps coordinate the culinary team, hosts tours of the grounds and manages the fine details of every couple’s big day.

Donna Barnes Stonefields Estate Manager of Housekeeping
Donna Barnes
Manager of Housekeeping

AKA: Queen of clean

A graduate of Fanshawe College, Donna devoted many years to her family as a stay-at-home mother. Stonefields was lucky enough to scoop her up when she re-entered the market.

As the manager of “all things clean,” Donna is in charge of cleaning, organizing and maintaining every nook and cranny of the estate. Her meticulous attention to detail means Stonefields always looks its best for couples.

“Stonefields staff are unbelievable… they are professional, flexible and accommodating. I was absolutely blown away by the level of service.”


Stonefields Estate Team Gallery
Stonefields Estate Team Gallery
Stonefields Estate Team Gallery
Stonefields Estate Team Gallery
Stonefields Estate Team Gallery
Stonefields Estate Team Gallery
Stonefields Estate Team Gallery
Stonefields Estate Team Gallery
Stonefields Estate Team Gallery
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